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Quick Snaps at TwinCam

Stopped by TwinCam in concord today and took some snaps of a small project they were working on.  They have a lot of stuff going on over there and some really good deals on car parts and accessories. Hit them up on their Facebook TwinCam



Carlos’s EG

I hit up Carlos today to shoot his Honda civic EG. We were talking about it the day before an were unsure becuase of the weather. Mother nature was good to us today and we were able to make it happen.

I love how he styled his EG from the wire tuck engine bay to his BYS carbon fiber wing. Watch out for this guy and what he’s planning to do next.




More in my FLIKR


KBR second annual BBQ


One of the shop owners hit me up this past week to take some coverage of their BBQ and of course I jumped to the opportunity. Good food and people. Made some good networks there. Watch out for these guys in 2010. They recently picked up falken tire and other big name companies for their drifting season. 


  I was surprised to see that this drifting shop also had some domestic customers. Turbo charged Grand National. 



More of the set on my FLIKR


short vid of showing my what the KBR carolla can do





Meet up with Pat from the Midnighters and Melinda from Scion Apocalypse nor cal chapter over this past weekend. A nice memorial day weekend x clean cars, equals a dope photoshoot. Shots were taken at Mare island near vallejo, ca. Enjoy th pics.